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Foods that Help Acne

Heal your body from the inside out by eating better foods.

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No, eating chocolate and fries don't CAUSE acne, but they sure don't help it either.

Make some simple diet changes and you'll see a change in your skin.

Drink Green Tea or White Tea  - We recommend plain Celestial Seasonings Green tea. We water down the tea (2 tea bags per gallon of water) so that it tastes fresh, rather than strong and tea-like.

Give up the sugar - Seriously, if you can give up sugar for a few weeks, you may see a change in your skin.

Add more fruits and veggies to your diet. - Not only are they full of the vitamins your skin needs, they'll have the side effect of helping you feel better and possibly lose weight in the process.

Flaxseed Oil - Add this to your daily intake and you'll nourish your skin from the inside.

NOTE: These tips are ESSENTIAL for those with sensitive skin. Oftentime, we can not put anti-oxidants onto our skin or it'll irritate us and make us oilier. Yet, they are critical for having clear skin, so they must be ingested.

Food Allergies and Acne

Some teens have reported their skin has cleared within days of giving up common allergens such as wheat, nuts or dairy.


So, if none of the “can’t miss” acne cures aren’t working for you, it may not matter how often you wash your face or what you put on it. The acne may be caused by what you’re putting IN your body and not ON it.

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